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Best tool for preventative Medicine - William M Schiff, MD

03/08/2012 07:48AM, Published by Nedal, Categories: Life+Leisure, Health+Wellness, Today

William M Schiff, MD

What’s the Best tool for preventative Medicine?

The best tool for preventive medicine just may be in your pants!
Sexual health for men and women is on the forefront of medicine today! No longer is this a hedonistic pursuit to feel good or simple self indulgence! 

There is an increasing body of scientific evidence that links sexual health to the environment, cardiovascular system, mental health, hormones, diet, and physical activity. In other words, taking a good HARD look at our sexual function can be the first step to understanding our bodies and predicting our medical future.

We are bombarded by and frequently search for information about testosterone, amino acids, nitric oxides, anti-oxidants, less expensive Viagra , penis extenders, and secret vaginal exercises --all in an effort to improve our sex lives. 

We secretly hope that all these claims are true. Physicians just don’t know. What we do know - is that if our body needs hormones and we fail to provide them, the opportunity to preserve bone health, heart health and mental health is lost. We hear about specialized clinics popping up all over the country promising a better, harder erection in a single visit. What we don’t hear are promises for an exhaustive evaluation to uncover risks of heart attack, stroke or renal failure.

Wellness is much more than a needle in the penis, a patch on the belly or a blue pill in the mouth. It is an understanding that the foods we eat, the stresses that plague us, the exercise programs we fail to follow all impact our sexual health—our wellness.

Do all that you can to prevent a HARD attack-give us a call. 

The department of sexual health is here for you, when you’re ready for us …Visit us at: or

William M. Schiff, MD
Urologist/Sexual Health Specialist
P: 559-27sexmd (277-3963)

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